Trois Deux Un

This post is the result of an assignment in my Reading Specialist course. I am pretty sure I was able to follow some of the instructions. Or at least my interpretations thereof.

Trois Deux Un

Ferraris and Go Carts



Teachers need to try out tasks before their students in order to consider how to assess them. from Getting Started

We need to be equipping students with numeracy, literacy and life skills in order to prepare them for the future.  Allan Luke

The human being is a learning machine if you put him in the right conditions to be exposed to what you want them to know. Therefore we ought to set those standards.” Asa Hillard  from Moral Imperative


I feel there is a need to consciously infuse social and emotional learning into our literacy block. Students must be equipped with higher order/critical thinking opportunities to apply to all texts. In this students need to know they are valued for their ideas and attempts in connecting what they’ve heard, read and experienced. Teachers can build this into planning naturally by investing in building relationships with students first and by then relating/constructing a life literate learner. Think of Allan Luke’s off the cuff, but apt statement: “If you don’t have critical literacy, you’re a sucker!” Maybe we can tone it down for the primary grades. 😉

When Asa Hillard imparted that “the human being is a learning machine…” he reminds me of an all too obvious truth that students will learn despite us or not. This thought led me to create the Ferrari and Go Cart graphic above. Building on Hillard’s words I take this to mean that we cannot limit our learners by textbooks and last years lessons. We owe it to them to create learning opportunities tailored to their strengths and areas of need. No one eats leftovers after 3 days so why would teachers expect to serve lessons from prior years that have not been recooked with fresh ingredients?


Ok. Here goes. Standing in front of a bunch of admin types, teachers and a few disaffected types who attend PD like it’s a court ordered punishment. It starts with a challenge to change what has been done for so long from fear and form to what fosters and gives flight. The great eduMath prof Trevor Brown taught me to be excited about what I do. He told us to consider quitting if we were afraid to fall on our faces in front of a class or to take chances. It is this boldness to be excited that I want to infuse in the hearts and minds of educators. We have to get over our perfection and egotism to get to the core of why we are teachers. If I am leading others to prepare students to be literacy triple threats (literacy, numeracy, life literate) maybe I need to ensure that they are equipped to do so as I mentioned in my first point of this post.

Hitting save…now.

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